I got my dog last night on October 28th on a Thursday night but i was asleep so i didn’t know we got him until the next day and I was surprised.

he is a small little German shepherd with long a fluffy fur i know he is a German shepherd because the colors and he is cute with floppy ears his name is duke and he is already learning how to use the potty outside.

I am going to train Duke to the best of my abilities otherwise he will not be able to be around my dads family’s dog.

my dads family’s dog is a big white purebred German shepherd and his name is ace and he is two and a half years old

and he is pretty big now i still remember when he was a little puppy and he would always bully my tias dog it was funny.

im gonna talk about my tias dog for a short time so about my tias (btw tia is aunt is spanish) dog is a bejan shih tzu

and he is a relatively small dog and he is one i think and he is a fidjo thats his nicknameand hes kind of a butt sometimes but overall he is pretty chill

And here are some links to help you with like facts and stuff

German Shepherd Dog


now these two links will give you the facts and help you need if you ever want to get either one one these two dogs

like the shih tzu or the German shepherd